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5 Reasons Why We Love Downtown Plattsburgh

It's all about location, location, location! When it comes to coworking, being part of a vibrant community is so important. We know how essential it is to be able to work in a spot that provides easy access to restaurants, great coffee, and public green spaces. And we're surrounded by all of those and more at Lake City Coworking.


Check out 5 reasons why we love downtown Plattsburgh, NY:

1. Locally Owned Restaurants

Downtown Plattsburgh has a variety of local restaurants all within walking distance. Some of our favorites include Greek cuisine at Aleka's, farm-to-able fare at Twisted Carrot, daily specials on offer at Irises, gluten-free avocado toast and more from the Smoothie Shack Out Back at the Co-op, and tasty Mexican flavors from The Pepper. You'll find something satisfying no matter what you're craving. Many restaurants also offer outdoor seating, which is especially enjoyable during the warmer months from May-September.

image provided by Twisted Carrot

2. Boutiques and Shops

Downtown Plattsburgh has a number unique boutiques and shops offering everything from clothing and accessories to gifts and home goods. A Beautiful Mess is one of our favorites with a menagerie of pretty things and personal care items like hand creams, journals, notecards, home decor, and jewelry. There's always more to find and new pieces to catch you eye and it's a go-to spot when in need of a gift for a friend.

3. Two Great Coffee Shops

We're literally right next door to Chapter One Coffee & Tea and a block away from Koffee Kat. These two independent coffee shops are full of personality, charm, hearty baked goods, and delicious coffee! We love grabbing an iced cafe mocha or oat milk cappuccino for a mid-day pick me up.

image provided by Chapter One

4. Cultural Events and Attractions

Downtown Plattsburgh is home to several cultural events and attractions, including the Plattsburgh Farmers and Crafters Market, and the Strand Theatre. In addition, the city hosts several engaging annual events including the Mayor's Cup, Battle of Plattsburgh, Fourth of July Celebration, lake City Arts Fest, and the Parks Come Alive series. With LCC's location at the heart of downtown, members can easily go from a productive day of work to joining in the local festivities.

5. Trinity Park & MacDonough Park

Trinity Park is a lovely little green space nestled next to City Hall and right across from Lake City Coworking. It has a couple picnic tables perfect for taking a lunch break outside or sitting and catching up with a friend between work calls. And MacDonnough Park is a hilly park right next to our building with views of Lake Champlain from the top and paved paths winding down to a lovely walk along the Saranac River. We love how easy it is to take a short break from work to soak up the sun and take in the beauty of Lake Champlain.

Overall, downtown Plattsburgh offers a unique blend of historic architecture, great dining and shopping options, cultural attractions, and outdoor recreation opportunities, making it an enjoyable destination for visitors and residents alike.

F. Cavone Productions | Shutterstock

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