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The Benefits of Coworking For Artists and Creatives

As a wedding photographer, Lake City Coworking owner Lynne Reznick knows personally just how important it is to have a clean, inspiring, and light-filled place to work as an artist. She's also experienced the benefits of a coworking space firsthand. Reznick fell in love with the space when she saw the high tin ceilings, exposed brick, and abundance of natural light pouring in from the front wall of windows. And then she designed the space with the modern artist and business owner in mind.

Creatives have so much on their plate and get pulled in many different directions in the course of a day. That's why Reznick focused on keeping the space bright and fresh feeling with white walls, simple decor, and pops of color in the modern furniture - keeping a minimalist aesthetic in order to spark creativity and promote focus at the same time. See photos of the spaces at Lake City Coworking here. Besides the look and feel of a coworking space, there are many other benefits of coworking for artists and creatives.

Here are three more benefits to consider as an artist:

Community and Networking

Coworking spaces provide artists and creatives with a community of like-minded individuals who can offer support, advice, and inspiration. Additionally, coworking spaces often host events, workshops, and activities that can help artists and creatives network and connect with other professionals in their local community.

Access to Resources

Beyond an attractive space, coworking provides resources that can benefit artists and creatives in their day-to-say lives. For example, space memberships often include access to private meeting rooms for client consultations, secure high-speed internet, and printing and scanning services.

Collaboration Opportunities

Artists and creatives can find great opportunities to collaborate on projects and share ideas while coworking as well. By working alongside professionals from different backgrounds and disciplines, creatives can gain new perspectives and insights that can help them grow and develop their work. In fact, one study showed that 64% of coworkers report their coworking space is an important source of client and business referrals.

Overall, coworking spaces offer artists and creatives a collaborative and supportive work environment that can help them expand their professional network, access resources, and collaborate on projects.

Interested in how a shared office space might boost your creativity and focus? Schedule a brief tour of Lake City Coworking and get a free 5-pack to give coworking a try in Plattsburgh!

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