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Brainstorming Is Better Face-to-Face - Here's Why

Brainstorming is an essential step in project development, finding solutions to problems, and generally bringing the best ideas to the table, and it turns out, it's better to do it face-to-face. While remote work has lots of benefits for employees, companies, and teams - great brainstorming isn't one of them.

It's true that remote work can lead to more flexible scheduling and fewer unnecessary meetings, which in turn can result in higher rates of accomplishment. However, brainstorming is a unique task in that it's success depends on multi-sensory human interaction and timely responses to ideas being generated. In fact, a study published in the journal Nature showed without a doubt that in-person brainstorming was more generative and more creative than virtual brainstorming sessions.

Nonverbal Communication

Nonverbal communication is an important factor in brainstorming - allowing a team to better understand and interpret each other's ideas. Face-to-face meetings allow for more complete and effective nonverbal communication. Beyond facial expressions, being in the same room together allows everyone to read body language as well. Collaboration and creativity flourish when people are able to more fully communicate with one another and that means utlizign nonverbal communication to it's fullest potential.

Reduced Distractions

By their nature, virtual or remote meetings, are primed for distracted participation at best. Participants are on their computers with email and other tasks easily at their fingertips. Members who aren't fully present and attentive during a brainstorming session aren't going to be able to contribute their best ideas. By getting together for a face-to-face meeting to conduct brainstorming, participants stay more engaged. You can put screens away, pull out a white board or notepad, and dive deep with everyone fully focused on the task at hand.

Team Dynamics

Coming together for in-person brainstorming sessions can help build energy, rapport, and trust among team members. Trust and a positive team dynamic are essential for sustained success and allow for a more dynamic and energized group environment. With a team that has established trust and mutual respect, participants are able to build on each other's ideas and generate new ones. That positive energy will then extend to the more independent tasks and projects team members take on, creating a higher performing team overall.

Bring your team together for your next big project and watch how brainstorming becomes an energizing experience for everyone involved as they interact face-to-face! If you need a place to host your next brainstorming session, reach out about renting the LCC conference room and enjoy a retreat-style day or half-day connecting with your team.

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