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How To Get Your Company To Pay For Your Coworking Membership

woman working from coworking space

When given the option, more and more professionals are enjoying the positive results of coworking as an alternative to long commutes, windowless cubicles, expensive leases and distracting home offices (or kitchen tables).

When approaching your boss to request payment for a coworking space membership, it's important to convey the benefits and value it will bring to your work and the company as a whole.

Consider These Scenarios:

  1. Remote Employee Working From Home - By having access to dedicated workspace, you'll be able to avoid the distractions of working from home or in coffee shops, have reliable high speed wifi, and as a result, be able to put in more efficient, focused days.

  2. Consultant Contracted By Other Companies - As a consultant without an office in the area, you currently struggle to find a place to work that is consistently quiet and available. By joining a coworking space, whenever you're in town, you'll have a dedicated space to work from that will allow you to accomplish more work and be in better communication with your team between client meetings.

  3. Employee Working From A Private Office - A private office means having to pay to fit out an office, pay rent, pay for utilities, and pay for hi-speed internet just to get started and have a professional environment to work in. Instead of carrying the costs of a private office, you can save the company money by joining a coworking space that includes all of the benefits of a professional office at a fraction of the cost.

Do Your Research

No matter your specific situation, be sure to do your research first and have your numbers and facts ready. Highlight the savings or ROI for the company if you were transition to a coworking space. Consider pricing out a private office in town as an alternative to fully demonstrate the savings benefits.

And remember the flexibility that coworking offers as well. Office rentals are usually annual commitments, while coworking can often be a month-to-month or 6-mos term, making it easier to try out before fully committing. You may also negotiate and get your company to agree to pay for a part-time membership, even if they don't want to invest in a full-time one.

If you position it right, and focus on the benefits for the company, as well as for you as their employee, getting your company to pay for your coworking membership can be seen as an investment in the growth and success of both you and your entire organization.

Try This To Get Your Company To Pay For Your Coworking Membership

If you're really interested in coworking, but at a loss for words on how to approach your boss, here's a sample email you can tweak to get you started:

"Hi [Boss's Name],

I wanted to discuss a proposal that I believe could significantly enhance my productivity and contribute to the overall success of our team. I believe that having access to a coworking space would be a wise investment for both my professional development and the growth of our company.

A coworking space offers a range of amenities and resources that could greatly enhance my productivity. These include high-speed internet, modern office infrastructure, meeting rooms, and access to events and workshops. Being in such an environment would provide me with the necessary tools and inspiration to deliver even better results for our team.

Additionally, a coworking space provides a professional setting outside my home, which will be particularly advantageous, as it will provide a distraction-free environment for both independent work and team meetings.

I've done some research and found a coworking space nearby called [insert name of coworking space and link to it] that aligns with our company's values and offers a conducive environment for innovation and productivity. The membership fee is [mention the cost], and I believe this investment would be a wise one considering the benefits it would bring.

I'm appreciate the opportunity to discuss this further and answer any questions or concerns you may have. Thank you for your time and consideration.


[Your Name]"


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