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Modern Space Perfect For Your Plattsburgh Bridal Shower

Lake City Coworking is a bright modern space perfect for your Plattsburgh bridal shower! You found your soulmate, now you need a great place to celebrate your upcoming nuptials. If you love a modern vibe with just the right amount of warmth and character, then you'll love hosting your bridal shower at Lake City Coworking.

LCC boasts crisp white walls, exposed brick, tall windows along the front that let in lots of natural light, and original white tin ceilings in great condition. Furnished with a focus on modern design, all of the tables and chairs are sleek yet comfortable and contribute to a warm cozy aesthetic. Plus, the space has a water station and kitchenette complete with microwave and mini fridge at your disposal for all of your hosting needs.

Your Bridal Shower Vision at Lake City Coworking

The best part of hosting your bridal shower at Lake City Coworking is the flexibility in decorating that the space provides. You may love the look as-is and only bring in the most minimal of decorations or you're welcome to incorporate as much of your own decor as you'd like, to really make the space your own. Feel free to rearrange the furniture and bring in rentals, flowers, or balloons. Maybe you're set on a "love is sweet" theme? Or maybe you're planning garden-inspired tea party? You can make it happen at LCC. Let your creativity shine as you celebrate your love!

Need help bringing your vision to life? We partnered with Assorted Artistries for the gorgeous travel book theme you see here. They have an incredible variety of decor for rent - including the flower wall pictured - and they can help turn your dreams into a reality!

Conveniently Located in Downtown Plattsburgh

Located in the heart of downtown Plattsburgh, Lake City Coworking is easy to get to. It's surrounded by ample street parking, as well as several surface lots, for your bridal shower guests. This makes bringing in food from one of the several great local restaurants an easy option. Or you're welcome to bring in your own dishes made right at home.

For more information and to reserve the date for your bridal shower, please complete the contact form on our event rental page.

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